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About Volleyball Betting

Regardless of the negative preconceptions regarding the game, volleyball is highly competitive in nature and has some serious money to offer when it comes to volleyball betting. Keeping in mind the number of betting markets you avail in the sport of volleyball, it’s important to figure out how you can effectively make money from betting on the volleyball games.

How to place volleyball bets?
There are several different ways you can place bets on volleyball games. As also mentioned earlier, there are many markets with distinct betting formats, for instance:

1 x 2 volleyball betting
The 1 x 2 volleyball betting markets are normally the most commonly bet on market in the sport of volleyball and also the simplest one, which can also teach you about the cost of a bet. 1 x 2 volleyball bets are about guessing which team will emerge victorious in the match.

Volleyball total sets betting
These bets involve guessing the total number of sets that will be won by the playing teams and whether those sets will be under or over the value set by the bookmaker.

Volleyball futures betting
UK bookmakers like Bet365 and others regularly provide volleyball future markets which involve making an outright bet on a volleyball team prior to the competition’s beginning, and then seeing profits rolling in if you’re right indeed!

Volleyball first set betting
These bets involve sports bettor betting on the possible outcome of the match’s first set.

Volleyball sets handicap betting
Handicap betting in volleyball occurs when either team is considered heavy favourite over its opponent. Any such perceived bias is evened out with the help of a handicap set by the bookmaker. As a result, a certain number of sets get added to the final score of the game, and the winning bets are decided after making such additions.

About betting on volleyball competitions
Bookmakers like Bet365 offer volleyball bets for majority of popular international and domestic volleyball competitions, including:

FIVB World Championships betting
This is an international women’s and men’s indoor volleyball tournament that comprises of total 24 teams competing in the finals for the competition trophy. This championship happens every 4 years.

Olympic volleyball betting
We all know that Summer Olympics happen after every 4 years and you can place bets on various volleyball teams with your preferred bookmaker.

World Cup volleyball betting
World Cup volleyball tournaments happen both for men’s and women’s teams and this tournament also serves as the qualifier for the regular Summer Olympics. You can place all kinds of bets on this tournament as well.

World League Volleyball betting
This is an international level volleyball competition for men which has been happening since the year 1990. It’s an annual tournament that comprises of 16 teams.

Domestic volleyball betting
International and UK bookmakers provide all sorts of betting opportunities for the domestic level volleyball leagues played across all continents.

Grand Prix volleyball betting
The women’s edition of the World League volleyball, World Grand Prix is an international women’s volleyball competition that is played every year. You can avail various betting opportunities for this tournament too.