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About Handball Betting

The basics of handball
Handball boasts of a very rich heritage and has gradually evolved from being merely a casual outdoor sport to a game that’s played extensively at indoor level all over the world. This gradual transition has enabled handball to become very fast and dynamic sport as indoor environment delivers a highly intense atmosphere for both players as well as the spectators.
The game of handball is played between two teams of seven players each – One goalkeeper and six outfield players. The primary aim of the game is to score more number of goals compared to the opposition, by throwing the ball into the opposition team’s goal. It’s quite similar to the game of basketball in the manner that you use your hands to move the ball and also to dribble it in the same way.
Many people also draw parallels between rugby and handball as both games allow players to use force for stopping an attacker, as long as contact is made from front. When this happens, play gets stopped and is then resumed by attacking team, after a defender successfully stops an attacker.

A quick guide to handball competition betting
Popular UK and international bookmakers provide various betting opportunities on the following major handball events:
European Handball Championships – These are held every two years and feature the best handball country teams from Europe competing for the award. It also serves as the qualifier for the world handball championship.
World Handball Championship – It happens biennially and features countries from all over the world. World Handball Championship started way back in the year 1938.
Olympics handball – Handball is also a regular feature of the Summer Olympics that happen every 4 years. It witnesses participation of handball playing nations throughout the world vying against each other for the coveted Olympic gold. The game of handball was introduced to Olympics in the year 1972.
Apart from the above mentioned major handball events, you can also place bets on domestic handball leagues that include some of the major leagues like the Spanish Liga and the German Bundesliga. Many betting opportunities can also be availed on the EHF Champions League.

How to place handball bets?
Betting opportunities available on handball are quite similar to that of football. Bookmakers normally provide:
Handicap betting – Wherein a certain number of goals are subtracted or added from / to the team’s total number of goals, after the final score, for determination of the winner.
Future bets – You can also place future bets on handball games wherein you can place bets on the expected winners of tournaments and/or winners of the groups.
Total goals betting – These bets involve wagering money on the number of goals that may be scored by a team in a certain match and whether they will be under or over the number set by the bookmaker.
Match betting – These are the simplest handball bets wherein you bet on the team that will win the match.