2012 Giving Campaign: What Community Looks Like
Above all, the Swedish Club is a community—a group of people with common interests and goals. And like any other community, we must realize that we’re all in it together. Our business model is designed to maximize participation by charging affordable prices for membership and events. Then we ask for donations to help cover expenses. We think it’s fair, because everyone can chip in for the extra needs according to their resources.

Right now, one of our most pressing needs is our building. Our mid-century modern building is a jewel, but like other 51-year-olds, it’s beginning to show its age. It’s had only two roofs in 50 years, and is long overdue for a new one. The estimate for a new roof with insulation, which we’ve put off till next summer in order to raise the money, approaches $90,000.

Swedish Club members treasure our home and the culture it enables. They know that it’s more than just a building—it’s the space where we (and, we hope, future generations of Club members) experience our community and make it part of the continuum of our lives. Please donate generously to help us look after this priceless gift and the community it serves. If you choose to dedicate your donation to the roof, we’ll put it in the capital fund and save it for next year’s new roof and insulation project.
Help replace our roof
As an extra thanks for your generosity, Jane Isakson Lea and her husband, Jim Lea, have invited everyone who gives $1,000 this year to a January dinner at their home—another wonderful example of mid-century design, with a beautiful view of water and mountains.

Please donate today. Your gift is fully tax deductible, and will be processed on a secure server. If your employer matches donations, that’s a way to leverage your gift toward helping the club even more.

You can also give to the club by purchasing a premium membership, which entitles you to extra perks, including free meals, a subscription to Swedish Press, or an invitation to an exclusive event.

All of us must work together to sustain the club and move it forward. Only with your help can the club continue to be an incredible gathering place—for us and for the next generation.

Give to our General Fund
Give to our General Fund
What does community look like at the Swedish Club?

Adam, a new member, loans us his father’s postcard collection for our display case.

Rebecca, a newly arrived Swedish immigrant, volunteers every Friday to help us clean, weed and paint until she gets her work permit.

Capt. Dale and Monica know each other only through the club, but volunteered to dance together to help us raise funds.