The purpose of the Swedish Cultural Center Auxiliary is to promote fellowship among the members of the Center, both women and men. They provide a format of varied programs encouraging discussions and sharing of ideas. They also work with and support the Center through service and financial support. The Auxiliary organizes a monthly meeting the first Friday of each month at 10 a.m. in the library.

Nordiska Folkdancers
Nordiska Folkdancers, founded in 1952, is a performance ensemble presenting traditional dances and music of Scandinavia. Performances include gammeldans (dances common to many regions, such as waltz, polka, etc.) and bygdedans (regional dances specific to an area or a community). Nordiska practices at the Swedish Cultural Center and is open to new members only by invitation. For information about contacting Nordiska about performances, visit the Web site, or contact Vicki at 206-937-8065.

This Scandinavian folk music orchestra, which is also affiliated with Skandia Folkdance Society, is composed of SCC members. Newcomers are welcome to come try it out at a regular Sunday evening practice at the SCC (7–9 p.m. ). There is a heavy emphasis on Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish music but the group can focus its performance around any specific area or idiom or present a sampling from many countries, a smörgåsbord of Scandinavian music. For more information about practices, performances, or joining Spelmanslag, visit the Web site.

Svea Male Chorus
Originally formed to furnish entertainment for local Swedes and to preserve music from the homeland, the Male Chorus has maintained flexibility to meet the changing times. The focus is now more on providing an opportunity for appreciation of arts and advancement of cultural education. The Male Chorus continues to hold concerts at the Center as well as sing-outs at local retirement homes, hospitals, funerals, lodges, and picnics. The Male Chorus extends musical greetings to visiting groups.

Swedish Women's Chorus
New members are welcome to join the  Women's Chorus and help preserve and promote Swedish music and culture. The Women's Chorus rehearses every Tuesday evening at the Center from September through June. A number of performances are given during the year at Swedish and Nordic festivals, and for visiting dignitaries, churches, hospitals, organizations, and retirement homes. For information about the chorus, please contact